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Including Student Accommodation in your portfolio

Including student accommodation in a UK property portfolio can be a smart investment decision for a number of reasons. With a steady stream of students seeking housing each academic year, the demand for student accommodation in the UK remains high.

Here are some of the benefits of investing in student accommodation:

  1. High Rental Yields: One of the biggest advantages of investing in student accommodation is the potential for high rental yields. With many students willing to pay a premium for well-located, well-maintained properties, landlords can often charge higher rents than they would for regular residential properties. This means that student accommodation can be a particularly attractive option for those looking for a strong return on their investment.

  2. Consistent Demand: Another benefit of student accommodation is the consistent demand for rental properties. Each year, thousands of students across the UK need a place to live while they study, creating a reliable market for landlords. Even during times of economic uncertainty, the demand for student housing tends to remain steady.

  3. Low Void Periods: Due to the consistent demand for student accommodation, landlords can benefit from lower void periods. With shorter rental contracts and a high demand for properties, landlords can often find new tenants quickly, reducing the time that their property sits empty.

  4. Higher Occupancy Rates: In addition to shorter void periods, student accommodation often has higher occupancy rates than traditional residential properties. Many students choose to live with friends or in shared accommodation, meaning that landlords can often fill a property with multiple tenants, maximising their rental income.

  5. Potential for Capital Growth: Finally, investing in student accommodation can offer the potential for capital growth. With the UK's student population continuing to grow, the demand for quality accommodation is likely to remain high. This means that well-located properties with good transport links and amenities could see their value increase over time.

Overall, including student accommodation in a UK property portfolio can be a smart investment decision, offering the potential for high rental yields, consistent demand, low void periods, higher occupancy rates, and potential for capital growth.

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